About Us!

2011 News~

We are so very pleased to share, that our little group of dancers has nearly doubled in size since the beginning of this year!  We welcome our new families with much enthusiasm and look forward to seeing the enjoyment these children will gain through their practices and performances of Hungarian cultural dance.

The Vancouver Csárdás (Children's) Dance Group has existed since the late 1970's, operating under the Hungarian Cultural Society of Vancouver as a non-profit organization. The group consists of children ages 4-15 yrs of all nationalities, providing the opportunity to learn and appreciate Hungarian cultural music and the art form of Hungarian cultural dance. Presently, there are 18 dancers in the group. They currently have three dances prepared from three different regions of Hungary. They are:

Szatmári (Dance of the Szatmár region, NE Hungary)

Somogyi lassú & friss csárdás (Dance of the Somogy region, SW Hungary)


Délalföldi táncok (Dances of the Southern Plains)

For more information on interest in joining the dance group or in inviting the dance group to perform, please contact us at:  hungariandancegroup@gmail.com