Thank-you's & special mentions!


... so many people who made our Valentine's Luncheon (February 13th) a great success!  1stly to the parents of the Csárdás Dance Group and the members of the Forrás Dance Group for the incredible amount of work put into preparing a 3 course meal for 170 guests!  You all rock!

Have many more people to thank ... names coming up very soon!

As well, to the Hungarian Cultural Society for upkeeping a venue in which we can showcase the nuturing of our Hungarian heritage, starting with the youngest of our family members, our children.

Miklos & Agi Ominger!  Of the Vadrozsa Hungarian Folkdance Group in Calgary, for kindly assisting in the exportation (from Alberta) of a certain needed item for a recently completed fundraiser for our group ... you 2 are the best!

Steve Vukcevic!  Family friend to one of the dance group's family's, who also assisted in the above.  Thanks Stevus!

Tibor Abraham!  For constructing the wonderful sandwich board for our dance group, that we can now use to inform others of us when we perform.  Thanks very much, Tibor!

Robert Florian!  Our multi-talented dance instructor & choreographer, for designing the beautiful poster which we have afixed to our sandwich board - looks great, Robi!  Thanks so much!  Also, we thank Robi for our new Csárdás logo, designed by him!

Siegi Molnar!  Mom-Extraordinaire of one of our performers!  For many things, but @ the moment, for 'constructing' the beautiful addition of an outfit to the girls' repetoire of cultural dresses for their performances.  Thanks Siegi for being a magician with the sewing machine!

Margit Balogh!  Grandmother of two of the performers and 'you can count on her last minute' assistant on several occasions.  This time, for creating in no time flat, the skirt & small additions to the above said outfit - it turned out wonderful.  Thank you Mama!